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Hi, can anyone share all the Drozer Commands?
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Command to install the Drozer agent on emulator or device

adb install drozer.apk

Start the service on the emulator or device

then give below command

adb forward tcp:31415 tcp:31415

open cmd and browse to drozer directory

To check drozer functionality or device connected

drozer console devices

To connect to the device or emulator

drozer console connect

To get the list of commands/modules


To get the help on syntax or parameters needs to be passed to the command

For eg.

run app.package.list -h

To search for an app

run app.package.list -f [keyword]

To get info of an app

run -a [package name]

To check the attack surface 

run app.package.attacksurface [package name]

To get info about the activity 

run -a [package name]

To start the activity 

run app.activity.start --component[package name] [activity name]

To get info about providers 

run -a [package name]

To find URI for providers 

run app.provider.finduri [package name]

To get info from providers 

run app.provider.query [uri]

To check path traversal vulnerable in provider 

run scanner.provider.traversal -a [package name]

To check for SQL injection 

run scanner.provider.injection -a [package name]

To download a file from android device to the local machine 

run [source path] [destination path]

To get info abt a service 

run -a [package name]

To interact with the service 

run app.service.send [package name] [service name] --msg [msg to service]

To interact with a broadcast receiver

run app.broadcast.send --action [action from android_manifest file] --component [package name] [broadcast reciever] --extra string[string to send like in sendind sms we can send phone number for that we need to check source for input parameter]

For eg: run app.broadcast.send --action org.owasp.goatdroid.fourgoats.SOCIAL_SMS --component org.owasp.goatdroid.fourgoats org.owasp.goatdroid.fourgoats.broadcastreceivers.SendSMSNowReceiver --extra string phoneNumber 5554 --extra string message U R Just PWNED!!!!!

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